Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Maiden Voyage

The new van was finally ready for her maiden voyage part 2 (Stephen had already gotten to drive his dogs around while I was stuck at a board meeting yesterday). This van is so much bigger...... longer and wider. There is so much room! And it drives so smooth.

Stephen had finished installing wooden walls and insulation. It looks very professional. Great job, Snookums.

Greyhound decals have been applied.

And my favorite bumper sticker of all time........

You can get one of your own at Wisconsin Sheltie Rescue. Click here and scroll down. The look on passerby faces is totally worth $2. They either laugh, make a face, or hurry their kids past.

I think the old, white van was jealous. It conveniently refused to start today and now I am going to have to use the new van to pick up chicken backs on its third day of official service. Can't it just stay clean for a little while?