Saturday, November 1, 2008

Thanks Grandma!

Reagan would like to thank her Grandma for her new, snugly, elephant fleece made just for her. It is so soft and warm... and just in time for the election. As you may guess from Reagan's names, I swing right and tend to be conservative.

Maybe one of these days the Republicans will actually have a candidate that acts conservative. I am against big government. I do not like government run programs like Social Security. I do not like our complicated tax system. I am for freedom and free enterprise.

Maybe the Libertarian party will eventually take the place of Republicans. I like the idea of the Fair Tax and so do many Libertarians. But like the Republican party even the Libertarian party is afraid to take a definite stand for it. Its annoying to me that the conservative political parties seem so wishy washy about taking a stand for something that effects us daily (like taxes). Yet will take a firm stand on an issue like abortion..... something most people probably don't even think about unless the car in front of you has a bumper sticker about it. I would suspect half of the folks that consider themselves conservative would also consider themselves pro-choice.

Freedom is really important to me. I do not want the government to tell me how many dogs I can have or which breeds. I do not want the government to take away my friend's right to occasionally breed a high quality litter of puppies. But it is happening everyday across this country. Bit by bit, rules are made, laws are passed, and our freedom is squeezed a little more.

In Georgia, we are very lucky to have the Georgia Canine Coalition on our side. They act as a watch dog for dog owners and fight laws that infringe on your right to own and enjoy dogs in the state of Georgia. I urge you to join if you live in Georgia. Membership is just $15 a year and it helps to pay for a lobbyist who works on behalf of Georgia dog lovers. The GCC is one of the most successful clubs of its kind in the US.

I try not to take for granted that I get to participate in "silly games" like dog agility. There is probably a small percentage of people in the world that get to have the kind of luxuries that we in the U.S. have. Even when times are tough, at least in my little world, the shopping centers are still full, everyone is still driving around, and the biggest complaints I am hearing are "I'm having to bring my lunch instead of eating out everyday." and "We are taking less vacations this year." Not my idea of a hardship. I don't doubt that there are people truly going through tough times right now. The economy goes through cycles and we are definitely on a down cycle. I suspect lots of people are still living beyond their means. Hopefully this is a wake up call. As a financial planner, I feel blessed that people need me through all cycles, so my job remains very steady.

And what about this stock market? All you need is a little cash and courage to benefit from this huge downturn. Being diversified has not protected portfolios this time. Everything has been hammered. At this point you could pretty much throw a dart at investments and pick anything. If you like stocks, buy good companies. Right now high quality companies are under priced and on sale. Don't buy companies that struggled during the good times as well as the bad. Sometimes I hear "it can't go any lower". Well, yes it can. The stock price can go to zero if you pick a company that goes belly up. If you prefer something that doesn't require much thought, just buy an S&P 500 Index Fund.

For those of you saving to retirement plans and are a good 10 or more years away from retiring, smile and be glad you are getting such a deal on investments. Bump up the savings if you can and take advantage of the big stock market sale. Like every other time in history... the stock market has always recovered.


Addie said...

Watch out, Jen. Garrett and I might squeeze you into a sandwich and kiss you for bringing up the fair tax and endorsing it. I don't know too many people who understand it, and everyone who does understand it can't help but wonder why it can't be done. Our son did a project on FT (new abbreviation, coined just for this comment, because I'm afraid it might be a long one). The more we discussed it, the more convinced I became that we COULD abolish the IRS, we could remove the burden of the yearly tax return, and we could silence the rhetoric around income redistribution and fairness and all manner of other euphemisms for giving my money to someone else.

Oh hell, you got me started...I couldn't agree more.

What's wrong with having a govenment that defends our borders and international interests, and focuses on upholding the constitution, and lets the states and individuals do the rest themselves? Like you, I want my government as limited as can be, and my self-determination boundless. If I fail at something, I take the blame. If I win, I get the credit, and the spoils.

If I had to guess, I'd say that the Libertarian party probably represents more of America than the Republican party actually does, and people just don't know it yet. The Libs need a good marketing department to get the word out and dispel the idea that the entire Lib platform is about marijuana legalization.

Anyway, when are you running for office?


PS - Super cute PJs!

BrittBeah said...

Wow, all that for such a cute innocent jacket :) I think you might have a little something on your mind. lol. I do agree with you. Your mom makes cute doggie jackets.

Kathy said...

Go Jen! I'm right there with you and everything you said. And why people don't take to or undertsand the Fair Tax is beyond me. It makes SO MUCH sense. I'd vote for it in a heartbeat even they seriously put it on the ballot.

I agree with Addie--most people are probably more of a libertarian and they don't even realize it.

Freedom means so much to me--it's what our country was fought over and what it was founded on. I think people forget that.

Zan said...

I'm definitely with you especially on the fair tax issue. Our tax code is way to complicated. Don't even get me started.

Love the PJs.:-)!

Bartow Peach said...

Tell Reagan she's welcome. If you have any leftover fleece, could I have some to make Bailey a jacket?

The fair Tax would rescue this country's economy quickly. I'm afraid politicians don't want it because they would lose their power to rob Peter to pay Paul. I really liked Mike Huckabee. He saw the merits in the Fair Tax.
L, M