Friday, October 31, 2008


Then on Sunday, the hounds and I did a repeat of Friday and headed back to the horse farm for more free running. This time I brought along Stephen's dogs and I only broke one of them. For the record, it was my sister's greyhound (Go Peanut Go) that ran over Stacker.

Does anyone else find running greyhounds to be as scary as I do? I just hold my breath and hope they don't do anything foolish.... like jump out in front of a stampede of brindle bitches.

Its OK to laugh, Stephen and I can't help it. Stacker seemed ok after it happened, but later an injury popped up. I am not sure if it happened then or later.

Reagan is proving to be very responsive to my calls. She loves to run and takes full advantage of the large pastures, but she checks in regularly and whips herself back to me in 2 seconds if I call. I love that! I feel confident that competing her off leash at an agility trial will be no problem.

On Monday, we did some agility and Reagan was 100% perfect. I set up agility courses for Reagan that are as difficult as I would for Travis with lots of crosses and change of directions. I interupt her frequently with rewards, but she has been able to handle every sequence I throw at her. The rails are staying up. The spread in the weave poles is getting smaller and smaller. I think I had it down to an inch and a half on Tuesday. She is coming from all angles and has been nailing them. Reagan seems to handle a lot like Travis. I am not sure if that is her style or a result of my training, but she works a comfortable distance away. She is not stuck to me like a velcro dog, but she isn't so far away that she is taking the wrong obstacle either. All in all, things are going well.