Sunday, September 14, 2008

White Flag

As requested, here are some size comparison pictures. The brindle, Stacker, is our tallest/biggest greyhound (29+ inches at the shoulder). He is about an inch taller than Robin, but you can see that Robin is a few inches longer. The photo will come up larger if you click on it. If I did not do agility or obedience I would probably prefer the bigger dogs. They are just so cool looking.

Reagan is our most petite. She is about 25 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs about 48 pounds.

Well, the Texas Bovine went back to Pam and Glen's yesterday. I hate to admit defeat, but he was just not doing well here. I am not sure what triggers him, but when we confine him to our dog room or to a crate, he frets and worries. Sometimes he is just fine and other times he is desperate and disruptive. I can't pin point it. He is never alone. The room is open and gated doorways provide plenty of visiability into other rooms. Most canine guests have no problem hanging out in the dog room with a twin bed mattress to sleep on. But Robin has what I can only describe as a panic attack. Like I said, not always, but probably half the time. Its not just a whimpering and complaining, its complete and utter frustration and desperation.... barking, howling, crying, and some sort of chirping noise. It is very disruptive and he simply did not fit into how we do things here. I just don't have it in me to work on the house problem for the next 3 weeks. Unfortunately, Robin has a history of this at the JCKC kennel as well. He was far from being a kennel favorite. Luckily, he did pretty well with Pam and Glen. He may end up staying there.