Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Heart Dogs

Gosh, I love this dog so much! Travis was a diamond in the rough, but Katie has always been a gem. The thought of having neither of them seems completely unbearable to me. I think I would have a complete nervous breakdown if anything happens to Katie in the near future. I hate that she is 3 weeks older than Travis (both are/were 10 years old) and he is already gone. I just hope she can stick around for another 3, 4, 5 healthy years or so. Katie seems to embrace aging more so than Travis did. Travis avoided it completely. Nothing about him suggested he was 10 years old. But Katie's muzzle has changed from charcoal to light grey and white. Her eyes aren't as bright and clear as Travis' were. She has a slight gimp when she walks. While Travis appeared to be 5 years old, Katie looks like an 8 - 10 year old in great shape. Her fitness and energy level are high. Her muscle tone looks great. She has all of her (crooked) teeth firmly planted into healthy gums (thank goodness for raw food!). There is no reason to think she won't continue as she is for the next few years. But we all know how fast that can change also.

While Katie looks the part of a sweet, old lady, she certainly doesn't play the part. Katie doesn't behave like a senior. She still runs, jumps, plays, fetches toys, and practices obedience. Her gimp from the spinal stroke is noticeable, but it does not slow her down.

Maybe by the time she is 15 (because she is going to live at least that long), I will have another heart dog. Most people seem to refer to their heart dog as a once-in-a-lifetime dog. Well, I have already had 2 once-in-a-lifetime heart dogs. I would hope that over my lifetime there are numerous heart dogs. Especially as life goes on and things change, I hope there will be a wonderful heart dog by my side for the given situation and teaching me something new. I am terribly spoiled having had 2 amazing heart dogs for most of the last 7 years.

Maybe Reagan will be a heart dog. She has a long way to go before earning that label. I think my biggest fear is not having another dog I love as much as Katie and Travis. I love them all, but its not equal. Some work harder for it than others and it takes me awhile to fall in love, but I do want to fall in love with another heart dog whoever he or she may be.