Friday, August 22, 2008

Shadow Box

My mother and I completed Travis' shadow box. I love the way it turned out. I did not reduce the size of the picture, so you can see it larger if you click on it.

On the left side for the 2007 Agility Nationals in Ohio, I have a dark green qualifying ribbon, our #24121, and the logo for the event. The green/yellow ribbon is for our clean run at the 2007 Invitational in California. The invitation to the event is right below Travis' picture and the event logo is in the upper left corner. His collar tag is a couple of inches below his nose and his bumper is overhead. We had to half it down the middle so it would fit. I actually cut up his MACH2 and CDX certificates. I figured I wouldn't spend that much time looking at them filed away, so I attached the crucial info from the certificates to his bumper above the picture. Top right, is a dock dogs ribbon and medallion. My other favorite dog show was going to New York September of 2007. The blue ribbon is from the agility trial and the note card and medallion is from competing in obedience at the greyhound nationals. His jump height card is just above the note card. We chopped up some of his other blue ribbons and used them underneath it all to fill in the gaps.

I am missing Travis a lot this week. I think about him a lot. As the memories of illness start to fade and the memories of good times return, it becomes more painfully obvious that he is really gone. Sometimes when I'm driving, I'll pretend he is just laying in the crate behind me and all is well again. Or when I hike with the girls, I will imagine that if I glance over my shoulder, I will see him rushing to catch up.......