Sunday, August 24, 2008

No Boys Allowed

My sister, Denise, our friend, Heather, and I got together with our 6 bitches (properly used in this instance) for some much needed pool side relaxation, free running for the hounds, junk food, and cheesy horse movies. Our weekend didn't quite go as planned. First, the cheesy horse movie from Netflix didn't arrive in time. Normally, I receive movies 2 days after I return one. I received word that this particular movie was coming from Orlando instead of the local warehouse. I guess cheesy horse movies aren't in high demand and therefore aren't found at all locations. However, being that I'm just one state above Orlando, Florida... I figured it would just need an extra day or 2. Not so. The weekend is about over and I am beginning to think that it must be shipping from somewhere exotic like Orlando, Russia. Never fear, a trip to Blockbuster restores horse movie night with a DVD of The Horse Whisperer.

Next, the second phase of our weekend.... the pool party.... looked more like a hurricane party. It pretty much rained the entire weekend. Oh, well. Tans are bad for the skin anyway. The hounds still got to free run in the pastures at least. They were drenched and soaked to the skin. We did not have to worry about heat stroke.

I can assure there was plenty of junk food and my sister makes some yummy frozen drinks. Time for a week of dieting.

Katie gets credit for being the only non-lemming greyhound. The others were quick to follow all fruitless canine and human leads. Katie, the wise hound, knows you attract more treats napping and minding your own business than you do standing in the kitchen, reacting to animal noises on the TV, running to the door, and following people into the kitchen. With a reminder, Travis, would have been a super star as well. Reagan... not so much. She needs more work.

Limo, the token mixed breed, was not playing nice with others, so she spent most of the evening in jail.

I did get a new niece. My sister adopted Go Peanut Go, her SEGA foster greyhound. Not exactly a feminine, graceful type. When given the choice between a cushy dog bed or a tile floor, Peanut chooses the tile floor (see below left). She is however a great farm dog. Her dark brindle color hides all the farm dirt and she does like to get dirty. She lays under a truck on the driveway for some shade, does not chase the horses, and stays close by. Best of all, she gives Limo a run for her money with her rough and tumble ways.