Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Momentos - Last One

I'm so sorry Jen!! It took me a few days to go through your blog and read through the past month of course with me ending in tears. I can't imagine what you must be going through. I'm going to miss seeing him usually just a few dogs ahead or behind us and telling you to TAKE YOUR TIME! LOL! [Jen: Cause Travis was faster and she wanted to beat us :-)] Been thinking of you all week - let me know if you need anything. - B.B.

I am so devastated to hear the news about Travis. It took me totally by surprise, as I had no idea anything was wrong. I went all the way back in your blogs to the very beginning of his illness. I have walked in your shoes, starting from the possible diagnosis of ehrlichiosis to the very end. My heart goes out to you as you push through the grief of losing your beautiful boy. You know more than I do, but I think he was the most wonderful greyhound I have ever seen.... and you and Travis are one of the VERY best agility teams I have ever had the pleasure to watch. definitely poetry in motion. I remember the first time I met Travis. We were over at Don's at the same time. It was right after I got Pig [border collie]. At that time, you weren't really even entertaining the idea that you would run Travis in agility. Prey drive too strong and you were afraid he might eat some little dog that might run in the ring. As it turned out, he was so focused on you that neither one of you would have noticed if 20 little dogs ran thru the ring. The teamwork was a beautiful thing to watch. I know he made you so proud. Thank goodness you were "stuck" with Travis. I truly believe these things happen for a reason. I'll be thinking of you as you deal with the grief of losing a special partner, teammate and friend....and way too soon. I cried as I read all your blogs as he became ill and all the ups and downs and fear and worry. I've been there, done that. it also hurts so much when you realize that not only have you lost your beloved dog, but temporarily, your hobby, your weekends and all the important things that you and Travis had planned. It's like someone just jerked the rug out from under you. There were so many things you said that struck a cord with me. Things that happened when you were "blissfully unaware" of what lay ahead. The knowledge that it was time.........and the calm and peace you felt when you made that decision. The sense of relief and then, in the days that followed that awful pain that hits you...when reality sunk in. "May the lessons he taught you, the joy he brought you, the laughter he gave to you, the love he shared with you and the memories he left with you, heal your heart and help to sustain you until that day you join him at the bridge for a glorious reunion." - T.T.

We did not indulge you with listening to the Travis stories or watching the videos or seeing the pictures. I think we were all amazed! I definitely am. Be it that last video that you shared to the way that he modeled perfectly for the Greymate pics with John...to your demonstrations at events...everything was just special. He was so impressive, and just seemed to be a part of you. When Travis was with you, it was like one living being. I think that the first time that I saw a Grey swim was Travis at the Farm. You were tossing something into the lake, and he'd retrieve...just like my brother's Labs. Maybe you thought I was weird, b/c I stood and stared...but, it was so cool and beautiful. May you experience peace knowing how wonderful you made Travis'life! He's probably flirting with my beautiful, blonde Becky right now. I firmly believe and have to trust that we get the same pets in Heaven. I genuinely hope that your grief is lifted by the very best of memories. I'm going to get out my camera tomorrow. - L.S.

I am so sorry. We knew it was coming but it doesn't matter how long you have to prepare for it, it's still hard to lose one of your best friends. Travis was one of those amazing, driven, sweet dogs that don't come around often. Thank you for not being selfish and keeping him to yourself. People have enjoyed watching you and him grow as a team and compete in the agility world. I am so thankful that you actually flew him out to CA to compete so I could enjoy watching him run and spending time with him. Reagan definitely has some big shoes to fill but I think she is the perfect dog to take on such a task. Time will eventually stop the pain and just know that Travis is now running pain-free in doggie heaven, probably showing Jessie and Teresa how to improve their skills on an agility course. :) - A.R.