Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Found Pictures

Thank you, Brianna, Denise, and Stefanie for finding these pictures!!! I love them. These were just a few of my favorites.

Top left - We were at a Fletcher, NC agility trial in January/February of 2004 and there was snow on the ground. Brianna and I hiked with our hounds all over the fairgrounds and she took this picture of him stacked out in the snow.

Top right - Travis and Jessie snuggling together at my parents' house. Probably 2002 or 2003 since it had to be before Jes passed away.

These (above and below) are from a trip to Florida that my sister, Denise, and I took when we visited our friend Stefanie. Travis wasn't a 100% yet, so he is still wearing a long line. I'm guessing Summer of 2004.

Still pictures from the FL trip. This had to be one of Travis' best days. I think we all had a blast. We were in a big cove and the water was not very deep, so Travis had a great time running full speed through it.

These were taken by my sister's future mother-in-law, Paula, who came to visit last summer. She does agility with a whippet..... in ALASKA!!! How cool is that?!? I really love seeing pictures I haven't seen before. Its as if they were taken yesterday. He looks so healthy and young.