Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Do your research when it comes to drug prices. I had Kroger order doxycycline for Travis. She mentioned that the price was $240 for a 14 day supply, but if she ordered the smaller tablets, she could get if for $160. I was shocked, but I'm appreciative that they were able to figure that out and save me $80. I have no prior experience with doxycycline, so I did not question it. Later on I mention the price to another dog friend and she doesn't think the doxycycline is usually that expensive. So I call another dog friend and she assures me that doxycycline is an inexpensive, generic antibiotic and that I am paying way too much. Stephen checked out some prices online and sure enough, they are much lower. He then calls CVS and their price is $28. Kroger is suppose to match the price of competitors so I take my CVS price with me. The pharmacy is stunned. She starts doing some more research because obviously they are being ripped off by the supplier they are using. After a few more minutes, she is able to get it for $5.60. And then I find out that it is listed on the Kroger $4 generic drug list. Can you believe that? $240 to $4.