Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Do your research when it comes to drug prices. I had Kroger order doxycycline for Travis. She mentioned that the price was $240 for a 14 day supply, but if she ordered the smaller tablets, she could get if for $160. I was shocked, but I'm appreciative that they were able to figure that out and save me $80. I have no prior experience with doxycycline, so I did not question it. Later on I mention the price to another dog friend and she doesn't think the doxycycline is usually that expensive. So I call another dog friend and she assures me that doxycycline is an inexpensive, generic antibiotic and that I am paying way too much. Stephen checked out some prices online and sure enough, they are much lower. He then calls CVS and their price is $28. Kroger is suppose to match the price of competitors so I take my CVS price with me. The pharmacy is stunned. She starts doing some more research because obviously they are being ripped off by the supplier they are using. After a few more minutes, she is able to get it for $5.60. And then I find out that it is listed on the Kroger $4 generic drug list. Can you believe that? $240 to $4.


KF-in-Georgia said...

Wow! Glad you straightened out the pharmacist.

I tried getting my guys' generic thyroxine from Wal-Mart on the $4/month plan. But the plan calls for dispensing a certain maximum dosage for a month. Since dogs take much higher doses of thyroxine than people do, Sam was going to need ten $4/month prescriptions. Thanks, but I'll stick with the $.52/day (total, for both dogs) on-line supplier.

FIL in Maylene said...

If $4 is a problem, check out the price at Publix -- FREE. Of course, if you have to drive any distance to find a Publix, you've already eaten up your savings :o) Love ya!

greytblackdog said...

I almost had a heart attack half way though this post. I paid maybe $20 at the vet for doxy for Roxy for a 30 day supply of 200 mg 2x a day (so lots of pills basically). I'm so glad you got that straightened out! Good for you for being so diligent!

Pam said...

The way to get around the different dosages for dogs is to have your vet right the scrip to x-number of pills and "take as directed". That will get you around the Publix/Walmart/Target rules.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Hi FIL, I'll have to check out Publix if we do another round of it. There is one on Wade Green. Although now at $4 it feels like free.

Thanks everyone.


saramurphy100 said...

Rx fixing is the biggest racket out there. I buy all online, of course when I'm not in a panic situation at the Vet! They have got me there real good!
Sad, someone most likely was not able to afford an RX, when they really could have and saved their pet. So terribly sad who suffers because of someones greed!
Also the drug companies load up the Vets and Doctors in samples.
You would be suprised what they could help you with!!!

IHateToast said...

240 to 4?
insane. aren't you glad you talked about it? had you not, people wouldn't have expressed doubt about it.

what a rip off.