Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I still have nothing interesting to report. Travis is still a tired, skinny boy. Maybe a little better, but certainly not worse. I'm hoping that if he did have cancer we would have seen more of a decline by now since we decided not to give him the steroid that could slow its progression. We opted not to use a steroid because it would also suppress the immune system's ability to fight an infection if that is what we are dealing with. We are going to start him on a stronger antibiotic today since our other 2 varieties are running out and haven't made a big difference. I have switched him back to raw food. He has been such a @#$%& about eating. I do not believe it is at all from the lack of appetite, but simply that he is on strike for chicken backs. He loves his meat and bones.

Reagan seems to be having a brat week, but that is to be expected here and there. She is over 15 months old now.

Katie is wonderful and perfect as always..... there is no wonder why she is my all time favorite. She doesn't mess with her bandage. She is never underfoot. I started her on some Chinese herbs for kidney support because her creatinine is a increasing. Its generally a little higher in greyhounds anyway and no cause for alarm if other kidney values are normal (and hers are), but her creatinine has increased over the last 10 months. The vet warned me that the herbs are bitter tasting and to start slowly on them. Well, unlike Travis, she loves her herb flavored yogurt or anything else I mix it with.