Thursday, May 29, 2008

"A Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet"

I think Stephen and I have finally settled on the nickname "Midget" or "Midge" for Reagan. She is not all that short, but she has this tiny little face with a short nose, little cat feet, and weighed in at 49 pounds recently. We like for our greyhounds to be very responsive to his or her name, so we do not over use names and inadvertantly desensitize the dogs into not responding. We nickname each hound so we can talk about them without the hound in question responding to our conversation. We call Travis T.J. for Travis Jigmo (his NGA name is E.O.'s Jigmo) or Nancy because he follows his mama to every room in the house. Katie is Pumpkin.... don't ask me why. Stacker is Scarecrow because he is scared of loud noises and thunder. Allie is The Mule..... need I say more? And Julie is "J" or Snow White because she is black. So if I say "Did you give Snow White her pill?" She does not respond to the casual mention of her nickname.