Monday, May 26, 2008

Greyhound Bus

Memorial Day weekend began with the greyhound bus not starting. I had loaded the A Team (that is what Stephen calls Katie, Travis, and Reagan..... his pups make up the B and C Teams), turned the key, and it just choked. Sounded like the fuel was not getting to the engine. Sure enough, it needed a new fuel pump. The van is at the point where we know a replacement is on the horizon. Every repair expense is considered in a new van's payments. We calculated the latest repair to be 3 payments, so we figure we can get 3 more months out of her. We are at the point of just putting Band-Aids on and are not willing to do any serious repairs.

Our next cargo van will be "new". Cargo vans are perfect dog vans because they do not come with passenger seats that you never use and therefore mildew in your basement. They do not have a bunch of windows, so your dogs have privacy and stay much cooler without all the glass turning your van into a greenhouse. There is no carpet for you to ruin. I am not sure why most dog people haven't figured out what a gem the cargo van is for dogs. Many still purchase passenger vans. We have decided that the only new car we will probably ever buy is a cargo van because we would like to get rear A/C, power locks and windows, cruise control, and arm rests (one of those things you don't realize you want until you don't have them).

I thought I would share the bumper sticker we have on the van. I love to watch the expression on people's faces as they pass by and read it in a parking lot. They either hurry their children past, smile, or make a funny face.

Lastly, I am so extremely satisfied that I actually started and finished a big house project over the weekend. I painted the office. So you will not longer see pictures of the dogs snuggling on the mattress with a lavender background. Its now green. Fresh paint looks so awesome!


brittbeah said...

Best bumper sticker EVER!

Maria said...

The first time you pulled up to my house in the cargo van, I was so impressed! You hopped out and all that came to mind was "small but mighty" (from Seabiscuit?)

Anyway, I love that new, tall cargo van with the pointy nose. It looks so Euro. We saw a "Pinzgauer" over the weekend...way cool hound hauler..but for now, the wash and wear Element will have to do.
Love the new paint color.

Bridget said...

I almost spit coffee all over the keyboard when I read the bumper sticker. LOVE IT.

Thanks for all the tips! Will be trying the carboard box to get Sophie used to going through tunnels.

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

OMG, I won't have to lock the door upon exiting in the new van? :-o are you sure you're ready for such a big step?

Pam said...

When you get your new "bus", be sure to get a power ventilator! We rarely use the generator/AC on our Canine Traveler, but we use that power ventilator ALL the time! We'll probably want an auxiliary batter for it, unless you are most often parked where you can "plug in".

greytblackdog said...

That is an awesome bumper sticker. Even better that it makes parents cover the eyes of children!

That van rocks. And if you ever needed to smuggle anything in it - more greyhounds, loads of frozen chicken backs, awesome sale items from IKEA - you have your bases covered. Of course if you were stopped by the cops you are totally going to be required to search your vehicle for "questionable" cargo :)

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

I'm glad you all like the bumper sticker. I sure hope I can find a new one when the time comes for a new van.

Yes, the van is ideal for smuggling along with kidnapping and plumbing.... multi-purpose vehicle.