Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

I am very pleased to present MACH2 Never Expected CDX JJ. Travis is now the first greyhound to ever earn 2 Master Agility Championships. He needed 1 double qualifying score (QQ) going into the 3-day Decatur, AL agility trial. He easily earned it on the first day making the rest of the weekend relaxed and fun. He then proceeded to earn QQs on the other 2 days as well....... his 6th QQ in a row.... and the 12th in just year 2008. For those that don't do agility, agility competitors will often go through long, slow dry spells of no QQs, so this has been a tremendous year for us thus far. He also finished his MACH2 with over 2,700 speed points (only 1,500 are needed). I just couldn't be any happier with Travis right now. He is so much fun to run and we are having such a streak of consistent runs. Travis turns 10 years old in 3 weeks. I continue to "knock on wood" and I'm thankful for how sound, sane, and healthy he is. May it continue. Thank you for letting me brag!

First Half of QQ#20 - Standard Run - Stephen was a litte late on the filming so it starts with the 2nd obstacle.

2nd Half of QQ#20 - Jumpers Run - Really an awkard, choppy course to run, but when I watch it... Travis makes it look so smooth.

And then as if my day couldn't get any better......... I find a $20 bill! :-) I will post more about the rest of the trial this week!