Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Decade Ago....

... a little fawn female greyhound with a black mask was born. I sometimes
wonder if anyone from the farm or from the kennels she raced for remembers the dog named SA Dallas. In 36 races, Katie placed first twice, but came in last in nine other races. Hardly worth remembering, I'm sure. I will certainly always remember her and I would bet that the people who were apart of her past life would be proud of her if they knew about her life after the track.

I still get a kick out of her SEGA adoption picture from the website with her Arnold Schwartznegger muscle pose. "Tested curious about cats and would take some guidence to live peacefully with cats" is the understatement of year 2001. Does that facial expression in response to the camera man squeaking a toy tell you anything? At age 10, nothing has changed. Katie is still a very high prey drive machine.

Katie continues to stay young by doing some backyard agility. I've lowered the jumps and the teeter a few inches. I don't allow her to do the dog walk anymore since I cannot lower it to a safe height to fall off from. I am amazed by how well she still weaves. Overall, she is doing well. If she hadn't had the spinal stroke, I think she would still be as good as she has ever been.

Happy 10th Birthday to my most Favorite Greyhound in the whole world! Katie, it has truly been an honor spending the last 7 years with you. You are everything I was looking for in a greyhound and you are everything I later found out that I also wanted in a greyhound.