Monday, March 3, 2008

She Really Is a Useful Utility Dog!

OK, I know that my blog post titled "Useful Utility Dog" was contrived and a bit fabricated, but Katie really proved herself today. I have towels laying at the back door to minimize the dirt that the dogs track into the house. I had gathered them up and was standing on the patio shaking off the towels. Reagan and Travis thought it would be fun to get involved and to tug on the towels. Well, Travis ended up taking one of the towels out into the yard and didn't bother to bring it back. I was barefoot and didn't really want to walk through the pott yard to get it, so I asked Katie to get it for me and she did! It was clumsy because she kept stepping on it and then Reagan thought she should get involved. Katie didn't appreciate that. But my super duper utility greyhound brought that towel to me. I quickly ushered her into the house for a food reward. Since it was so cute and I was so proud of her, I recreated the situation and threw the towel back into the yard so I could video her. So here it is, my very useful utility greyhound.