Monday, March 3, 2008

How Many Days?

Katie is so wonderful that she has earned at least another 100 years that I'm willing to keep her....... this continues to multiply since she continues to be wonderful. Travis is probably set for life even if he never has another good day. It was a rough start for Travis and we took it day by day, but eventually he started to earn some weeks, months, and years.

Reagan was kind of good today. Not so loud. Nice to all new dogs she met. She was willing to work and pleasant to be around..... at least part of the time :-). So I am going to keep her another day. If I can get her to pee in the front yard (instead of the back yard) tonight, I'll make it 2 days for the Munchkin.


greytblackdog said...

It's just like that movie "What About Bob?" baby steps. You'll look back at these posts in a few years and laugh.

KF-in-Georgia said...

Jacey's buys her continued house-room one day at a time.

Sam buys up several days at once by being sweet and affectionate. When he thinks he has a good backlog, he blows them all at once on one outrageous action.

And every now and then, he treads terribly close negative numbers.