Thursday, January 10, 2008

Travis Attacks!

Sweet Travis minding his business when Stephen comes to pester him. My poor furbaby (NOT). :-)

Travis tries to warn Stephen to stay away. One more move and he might snap!

SNAP! Travis goes after Stephen's hand, but misses it by just an inch. Stephen throws Travis down to show him who is boss.....

and hog ties him.

In reality, Travis is always enticing us to wrestle with him. If he is laying on a dog bed and we are paying attention to someone else, Travis will start to wiggle, paw at the air, and snap his teeth. Sometimes he reminds me of a bull. He will stand on a dog bed and paw it with a front foot. Then, just to show how tough he is, he'll start to wrestle with the dog bed. He is always egging us on and its very hard to resist. Travis is a rough and tumble kind of guy.