Saturday, January 19, 2008


For the second time this week, we got snow! This is very exciting for Atlanta since we rarely get snow. One day of snow per winter is about all we get on average. I had a new greyhound obedience class starting today, but decided to delay it a week. Of course, the roads appear to be fine and the snow is quickly melting away. If I had had class, we probably would have had a blizzard, but since I canceled class the snow is quickly melting away. I now teach class in an actual indoor, climate controlled dog training facility, so I figured my concerns about weather were over. I used to teach class outside and we were always trying to determine if it was going to rain, was it too hot, or was it too cold.

I decided to take Katie and Travis hiking since there aren't many opportunities to hike in the snow and I thought it would be fun to take pictures. Stephen and Stacker came with us. He went on a guys only hike near Chattanooga that morning with Julie. He was hoping to see snow on his hike also, but didn't until he was driving home through Adairsville. So he decided to go on the local hike with us for his snow-fix.

Well, it appears that it hardly snowed past our neighborhood and the hike was even more photo-opp-less. At least it got Katie and Travis out of the house which is always important to them. They just do not do well when we sit at home for a day.

On our hike, I did find a snow covered piece of wood, so I had Travis poise with it.

All in all, I think the best snow picture ended up being in our front yard.