Sunday, December 16, 2007

Perfect Hams

Katie has finished her physical therapy program of walking on the water treadmill. She was evaluated and measured again. All of her reflexes have improved and only a small part of the neurological deficit is still evident. Dr. Filer said she could improve for up to 6 months and the physical therapist says you can see improvements for up to 2 years........ so who the heck knows. I think just getting back to being a dog is the best thing. She is back to running and fetching her toy. She is doing some backyard agility including small jumps, tunnels, the A-frame, weave poles, and the teeter. I have seen her fall down a couple of times, but it has been no big deal. Also, her hams where remeasured and they both were 17 inches around. 7 weeks ago the left one was 15+ inches and the right one was 16+ inches. So I was very happy to see that they had increased and evened up.