Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Katie Update

All this talk about Travis, its time for a Katie update. Katie is doing well. No earth shattering progress to report, but I do think that the "twist" seen in each step of the left leg is a little less than it was. I think we will be breaking down her ex-pen in the kitchen soon. We are starting to give her more freedom in the house and on the hardwood floors. The concern is that if the dogs take off running through the house, I could see Katie slipping or falling since her reflexes are not what they used to be. We can pretty much control that except for the unexpected doorbell ring which happens a couple of times a year. I might have to retrain her (or all of the dogs) response to the doorbell. The physical therapist hates hardwood floors for all dogs. She sees lots of injuries due to hardwood floors. So she couldn't really give me an honest opinion about Katie on slippery floors........ she simply prefers that no dogs have access to slippery floors.

Katie is allowed to be loose in the yard now. That can be a little scary. I have not seen her try wheelies yet, but she has bolted and she can look very awkward. I think she forgets there is a slight limitation there. I hope she is smart enough not to engage Travis like she used to. She generally controls the games and handles Travis very well. However, he can be very overwhelming for just about any other greyhound. For now I will supervise and see what happens...... ready to jump in if necessary.

My goal is to be able to do backyard agility with Katie. Agility is fun, its great exercise, and its a way for her to earn treats. We are allowed to start doing some of that. She's doing some little jumps and two 24" jumps on accident... whoops! She looked great though. We have done tunnels, weave poles, teeter, and A-frame. After 3 or so years of obedience and no agility, she remembers everything and is having a great time. I noticed the other day that she is extremely awkward doing right circles. The weakness in the left leg is causing her to swing out and to get her hind legs tangled up. I'm going to be working on that to see if we can improve it.

Muscle tone still looks really good. From behind, her hind legs look even and well muscled. It has now been 3 months and I think I would say she is at 90% now.