Thursday, November 8, 2007

More Physical Therapy

Today, Katie and I went to our second physical therapy session. Again, the therapist was pleased with the progress. Katie did another 20 minutes on the water treadmill. This time the jets were turned on to increase the resistance and the speed was increased. She is not quite ready to trot on the treadmill yet, but she was doing a fairly fast pace covering 0.37 miles. That sounds so short to me, but I was assured that was a good distance for a water treadmill. In the first picture (upper right) you can see that the therapist has her hand on Katie. This is to keep her traveling straight since the weaker left side tends to drift further left. Recall in the last session that she had 2 orange noodles between her left side and the Plexiglas to keep her straight. Anyways, about half way through Katie corrected herself and started to travel straight all on her own without a helping hand (see bottom right). Katie was a trooper throughout her session. I over heard a conversation with the next client saying they were going to put a diaper on the dog because he has a habit of pooping in the water. So glad my dog doesn't do that! We left with our homework - 30 minute walks with scrunchies around the feet, 3-5 minutes of jogging, and 15 minutes of caveletti work. She did say that I could let Katie run around in the yard as long as she could maintain balance and wasn't too crazy.............hmmmm.... I'll pass for now since Katie is famous for spinning especially during cool temperatures. I might try some recalls with Stephen where we call her back and forth. At least that way we can keep her on flat ground and straight.