Friday, September 7, 2007

Why Do I Avoid Dogwalks in Training?

I have this theory with Travis. Generally, Travis strides onto the dogwalk and his stride takes him through the yellow contact zone. Occasionally, he will take off just right and stride ride over it and miss the contact completely, but that is just the luck of the draw. The habit I do not want to see develope is Travis adjusting his striding to the dogwalk as if it is a jump. In other words, he sets himself up to jump on the dogwalk. If he does that, he will most certainly miss the contact. The more dogwalks he does, the more comfortable he will get and the better he will get at jumping onto the dogwalk (something I don't want). So we practice the teeter instead. Since the teeter moves, it has to be approached a little more cautiously and its best not to jump on it or you might land on the part that is going to send you crashing down. Travis who has no fear or problems with either obstacle will simple hop or trot onto the teeter and very rarely misses the contact. I believe that his teeter approach transfers over to the dogwalk when it does come up in competition.... thus the reason we do not practice dogwalks anymore.