Friday, September 28, 2007

Day 2 of the Wine Cluster

Today, I gave Katie the day off. I figured that 5 days of obedience would be too much for a hound, but I was wrong. Katie would have been happy to do another day of it.... she's a machine.

Agility ran high to low. Travis was awesome and placed first in both classes earning 66 MACH points. The grass was a bit slippery and he even fell on his face during one of his jump landings and didn't miss a beat... just got to his feet at full speed. Jumpers was a particularly fun course. There were some tough front crosses that I wasn't sure I could do, but did in fact get them in. There was a straight tunnel down the middle of the course..... straight tunnels tend to work like cannons and your dog tends to come shooting out of them like a cannonball. If you cross behind your dog while he is in a tunnel, they often come out of the tunnel looking for you on the wrong side because they did not see you cross while in the tunnel. This might cause an extra spin or a wide turn as your dog looks to find you. But since I was able to cross in front of him before entering the tunnel, Travis knew exactly where I'd be as soon as he came out of the tunnel. It made for a very fast and smooth run.

It was funny because a girl named Liz said to me "I don't know who you are or where you are from, but we are all just amazed by your dog.... and he's a greyhound!" She was very nice and complimentary. Another lady, Jutta (sounds like Utah), said that Travis was a wonderful dog, but he only ran so well because of my handling. That my instructions are clear and he always knows where he is going. Very nice compliment.

It threatened us with some rain and thunder storms, but luckily never interfering with the agility trial. We finished up around noon and decided to check out two local wineries since we were in wine country at the wine circuit dog show. Again, just beautiful country side. We had lunch at a winery called the Thirsty Owl. Afterwards, we did some wine tasting and Stephen and I each purchased our favorite. The lady at the counter was super nice and told us about some nice restaurants in Geneva.

Next we went to the Goose Watch winery. It had lots of sweety, fruity wines that I liked, so again we made a couple of purchases. The dogs were great and the clouds kept the car from getting too hot.

Finally, on our way back to the hotel. The skies finally opened up and it started to rain. We saw two draft horses (Belgians, I think) being galloped down the road with an Amish "chariot" behind them. It was interesting because there was no carriage. The Amish man was simply standing on a platform being pulled by the horses. It appeared that he had dropped off a load or was simply moving the horses to another location. It was pouring down rain, so I'm sure they were in a hurry.

On our way back, we stopped at Seneca state park for some Katie training. I was especially hoping to improve her go outs which she did perfectly as always when we train. This park was so beautiful. Perfect green grass fields everywhere, with trees, and a lake. It was huge and it would be wonderful for everyday training, tracking practice, or just walking the dogs........ of for a Greyhound Specialty (hint, hint to the GCA). But then it started to pour down rain. After a few minutes, I finally finished up training rain or no rain and let the dogs have a fun time playing in the grass and fetching their toys. The place was empty so I let Travis do huge galloping loops as he ran with his bumper. Luckily, we had just leashed the hounds when a park ranger drove by. I'm sure there were rules against this.