Thursday, September 27, 2007

Day 1 of the Wine Cluster

The Wine Cluster dog show was held at another venue - Sampson State Park in Romulus, NY. This was about 25 minutes from Geneva and simply a beautiful drive each morning. I did not realize NY could be so rural. It was also interesting to see glimses of the famous white deer. There was a military base at one time with many acres fenced in. At some point, something odd happened and some deer were born white. When the herds were thinned out they culled the brown deer. This encouraged more white deer to be born and now there is a fairly large herd of white deer living on this abandoned military base -

Stephen and I set up our area the day before. The show provides large tents for everyone to crate under and we were able to occupy an excellent spot.

This morning the agility trial ran Low to High and both of Katie's obedience classes started at 9AM. This made for one big conflict of needing to be in 3 rings around the same time. I had planned on running Travis first thing in the morning, so I had already walked the course, but the judge was not very accommidating and suggested I come back later to see how my conflicts were going. So I headed to the obedience rings with Katie. The judge in Utility was great and he let me move to the 2nd dog in the ring. So around 9:10 AM Katie and I entered the Utility ring. We lucked out again and had the Utility I rotation which is the same rotation used in all Utility A classes, so this is a very familar pattern to us and articles come 2nd. Heeling and signals were great. This time she got one of her articles right..... the first one in competition since May! So I was happy about that. Her go outs started to look pretty bad. She goes all the way out, but then she'd come about half way back before sitting instead of sitting promptly when I ask. The judge was very complimentary of her since overall she worked very nicely. Spectators were also impressed and commented on her.

Soon after it was our turn to enter the Open B ring. Katie was wonderful, impressed the judge, and scored a 192. We tied a Dalmation for 3rd, so we were called back for a run off. The judge said he'd never had a greyhound in a run off before. We did not win the run off, but we still placed 4th which is great for Open B.

With obedience out of the way, it was back to the agility ring. Stephen bought me some time and had moved Travis down so he would be the last 24" dog. It wasn't our smoothest course, but Travis ran clean and placed first earning 38 MACH points.

A few hours later and time for Jumpers. This course ran very smooth and we ran clean for a QQ, 2nd place, and 21 MACH points. A Terv had been just a partial second faster than Travis.

Happy with the days results, we headed back to the hotel for some much needed rest and dinner.