Friday, August 3, 2007

Time Off

Well, we have taken some much needed time off............. I have not trained Katie and Travis for 4 whole days now. OK, so it is hardly a break by most standards, but for me this is a long time. I just do not take breaks... the joke is that my tombstone will read "Finally, she rests." (thank you, Stefanie Noe :-). For the most part my greyhounds are not looking for a break either......... after all this is all suppose to be a fun game and it is the highlight of their day since I am generous with the food rewards and I always have good food. I was trying not to train for an entire week, but now I'm kind of missing it and thinking about starting up again this weekend. I am getting over the fact that no one really cares if Katie ever finds a correct scent article again and the sooner I don't care, the sooner she'll be just fine and able to do the exercise. It truly is not a big deal. Both of our obituaries will probably not mention anything about scent articles and even if they do, I doubt anyone will remember that either. So its time to just relax and look forward to our trip to NY.