Thursday, August 9, 2007

Back to Work!

Well, after a week of hiking at Wildlife Action, we are back to training again. Travis didn't miss a beat. He's still running very clean. When I set up practice agility courses, I try to make them difficult, so we have something to work on. However, he's really been running clean lately and even with a week off, he still is. I guess I would say that Katie didn't miss a beat either. She's still making the same mistakes, but I'm more relaxed about it. Its funny how you think... "once we get the UD, it will be so nice to not feel the pressure anymore". Well, I just cannot not put pressure on myself. We are going to do remedial article work. Will work with a pile of 4 articles this week, 5 next... and so on. I think she just needs to build up her confidence again.

All of the NY premiums are out and I started filling them out. I've already entered agility and my entry has been confirmed.

We are experiencing a heat wave right now. We hit a record high for the low the other day.... the low temperature for the day was 82 degrees... Yikes!