Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Perry Agility Trial

We just got back from a 2 day agility trial in Perry, GA. Travis ran really well and qualified 3 out of 4 times. On Saturday, he got a first in Excellent Jumpers. However, in Standard I think we made all of our mistakes for the weekend in this one run. He dropped a bar (bad dog, its his job to keep them up) which made me forget what I was doing...... I then realized I should front cross which was late and then we collided. I even heard the crowd gasp... I guess it looked bad. Then at the end I threw in a totally unneeded front cross that made me pull him off the 2nd to last jump. So very terrible run. Then on Sunday we double qualified, so that's QQ#2 for his MACH 2. Not sure if we will get all the double Qs we need, but he has more than enough points already. His Sunday Standard run was perfect. The ending was the dogwalk and then a fairly straight line of 3 jumps, the last jump being the panel jump. You had to set your line just right or you could easily end up turning your dog into a wrong jump. So I wanted him to hold his contact on the dogwalk so I could step back and front cross. Well, he held his contact like glue.... almost too long, but it gave me plenty of time to set up the ending perfectly. It just wasted some time, but we've got time to spare. Then jumpers was perfect.... so smooth. Nothing feels better than a really fast, smooth, flowing jumper course. There was a man there that had been involved with racing greyhounds, so he wanted to see Travis run. I'm always glad when we can pull off a really good run for a fan of greyhounds :-).