Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Brag on Solid Stays

Last night, Katie and Travis were practicing their sit and down stays at Anne's building. They had already successfully completed the 3 minutes sit stay and were working on the 5 minute down stay with some other dogs. The line up consisted of a coonhound mix, Katie, beagle, Travis, and American Eskimo (medium sized white fluffy). During the down stay, friends, Anne and Holly, were trying to look at and treat a sore on another American Eskimo. He was overreacting and screaming his head off. Katie and Travis are super high prey and no doubt turned on by animal screams, so I tend to keep an eye on them when something like that is happening. Suddenly, the screaming Eskimo turned it up a notch and dogs were bolting from across the room. I spin around and there are my two perfect angels lying down exactly where I had left them. Not only had they ignored the screaming dog, but they also resisted chasing the 3 dogs that bolted from both sides............... the coonhound, the beagle, and the American Eskimo had all broke their stays and bolted as a group. I'm actually not that surprised they would stay and I would expect nothing less from them, but its really wonderful when the opportunity for them to demonstrate just how good they are comes up so I can give them big reward jackpots. Good Greyhounds!!!