Saturday, October 1, 2005

Open Obedience in Chattanooga

I competed Travis at the Chattanooga obedience training club's trial. It was held in a Chattanooga school. It was a special day for my friend, Sandy Case, and her English Setter, Scout. They had been trying to finish a UD for what seemed like forever. He could get very stressed in the ring. If I remember correctly, she was planning on retiring him from obedience, but they had this one last obedience show they were entered in Chattanooga. Well, he qualifies and finishes the UD. It was crazy. Everyone was so happy to see them succeed. Travis was not so lucky. We were just trying to acquire another CDX leg. He worked sloppy like he had been at that time. However, I want to remember that when we did they broad jump, my chair outside the ring happened to be positioned just on the other side of the ring gating at the far end of the broad jump. Well, Travis jumped the broad jump perfectly straight and then proceeded to jump the next jump... the ring gating and check out the chair. He recalled perfectly back into the ring and we finished up. Lesson learned... never put your chair in a place that could be misinterpreted as a target.