Saturday, January 1, 2005

Party Animal

Teresa was quite the party animal. She really over
did it this New Year's Eve. Actually, Teresa has
a terrible storm phobia that has carried over to fireworks and gun shots. On particular holidays, New Years and the 4th of July, we head off the potential problems and give her a dose of Ace to help her doze through all of it. The storm phobia has definitely worsened over the years. Unfortunately, she has gone through phases of associating riding in the van or certain times of the day with storms..... regardless of whether there is a storm or not. It was especially sad when she did start to associate van rides with storms after we got caught out in one. She absolutely loves to go places, explore new areas, and meet new faces. She is not a dog that wants to be left home, but she started to try and avoid car rides for a period of time. Luckily she eventually did get over it. Storm phobias are a strange problem. They truly make no sense and serve no purpose. I will be storm phobia testing all future dogs prior to adoption. I have storm CD that I will be blasting throughout the house to check out the reaction. It is very tough living with Teresa and the storm phobia. They are so hard to predict and the only thing that we found effective was fully tranquilizing her which would help her forget the storm ever occured and keep her from being destructive during the actual storm.