Sunday, June 3, 2007

Utility B in Asheville

Katie and I made our first attempt at Utility B at the Asheville Kennel Club show. Luckily, we have a good 2 months for some back to the drawing board training. She actually did very well with the mix up of exercises, but she had a very hard time concentrating on scent articles when it is the last exercise of the class.......... the case both days!!! She never once took time to search for the article and she never brought back a correct one. That and I would really like to improve her down signal. She continues to move forward quite a bit and is probably starting to push the qualifying limit. The most difficult seems to be stopping her creeping forward on go outs. She goes all the way to the gate, turns, and moves forward 10 feet or so before sitting. I do not have much trouble with this in training, but it sure shows in the ring. Not sure how to correct that. However, other than articles, she did qualify in all the other exercises and was probably going to score in the low 180's.
Occasionally, Katie does sleep in my presence (normally she stares at me). After a long day at the show, here she is chilling in our tent at the Red Gates campground in Hendersonville, NC.