Sunday, June 3, 2007

Asheville Kennel Club

Travis had a fairly good weekend at the 3-day agility trial in Fletcher, NC. I consider a successful weekend to be a 50% Q rate and at least 1 QQ. He qualified 3 out of 6 and he did get a QQ on Sunday....... 45 MACH points total. He had some really nice runs and received lots of compliments from people who had never seen him before... so that was nice. One standard run, he ran very well, but missed the up dogwalk contact. That contact is so hit or miss. Luckily, he hit it the rest of the weekend. So now we have 1 QQ towards MACH2 and all of the points we need.
Here, Travis is chilling in our tent at Red Gates campground in Hendersonville, NC. Don't let that sweet face deceive you.... he's ready for anything with a moments notice.