Saturday, August 26, 2000

Savannah Agility Trial

I took Jes and Teresa to an agility trial in Savannah, Georgia. It was in a school gymnasium. The basketball courts were covered with mats. I remember seeing Kate Crawford there with her 2 greyhounds, Mandoid and Lily, so it was nice to have some other greyhounds and their people there. Teresa ran in Excellent under Randall Ruskel. This was his first time judging and he made some of the toughest courses ever designed. It was obvious that he had tried way too hard to be challenging. In this one particlar standard course, a tunnel was wrapped around the front of the dog walk. Rather than being side by side (the norm), the tunnel entrance was almost perpendicular to the dogwalk. And the approach was straight for the tunnel. So somehow you had to turn your dog so they'd turn away from the tunnel and up the dogwalk. Well, Teresa got it! And so did one other, a pomeranian. We thought it was funny that out of all of the excellent dogs that only a greyhound and a pomeranian qualified :-).