Thursday, October 1, 1998

Lure Jogging

At the time, Teresa was still my sister, Denise's dog, but I had hoped that Teresa would lure course. Well, we had a practice scheduled at Old Mill Farm that was perfect for letting Teresa give it a try. Well, Teresa had no interest. I remember that we tried everything from setting her up with another greyhound (John Parker's Brandy), letting her try it alone, letting her watch, etc. Nothing, no interest what so ever. So we figured it was not to be.

We often went to observe lure coursing events with Teresa in tow. After several trials, Teresa suddenly started lunging for the line and wanting to run. So as soon as possible, we got her to the line for a practice and she ran........... for a short distance. It took quite a while for Teresa to run an entire course. We slowly built her up. Often she would go potty in the middle of the course. However, she eventually could slowly run an entire course. She actually quite fun to run because she never got hurt... she just wasn't fast enough to even burn a pad. If she were to get hurt, I am certain that she would have stopped. And if the line broke with her on the other side of the field, you could still count on her to come when called.

We never coursed her competitively. We were afraid that she would cause collisions if she was unable to keep up with the fast dogs and had to resort to cutting across the field. But she did help certify a few hounds..... Val and Ken's Mona and a petrified black female greyhound that was very difficult to catch when the line broke.