Sunday, May 10, 1998

Adopting Teresa

I believe my mother and I adopted Teresa on May 10th, 1998. At the time, the Southeastern Greyhound Club did not have its own adoption program so the members worked with Carl at Adopt A Greyhound Atlanta. So we were at his nasty house looking at greyhounds. I mean no disrespect, but greyhounds are literally everywhere, inside and out. Some aren't very housetrained. Some are injured because they did not wear muzzles. The nose prints on the windows are quite thick and you could no longer see through the windows. Anyways, we had already taken home one fawn female, but quickly brought her back when Carl called to let us know that he had remembered her having a seizure recently. We had already been down that road with Gator, our very first greyhound. Gator was adopted from Birmingham Racetrack in May of 1993. He developed epilepsy after several years. The seizures were violent, frequent, and not controlled very well with drugs. We eventually gave up and did have him put to sleep. So when the prospect of adopting another dog with seizures came up....... PASS! We eventually started talking about Teresa with Carl. She was one of his favorite dogs and it was always quite obvious that she was fond of him (even years later when she would see him occasionally). He told us her story. He acquired her as a 4 month old puppy with a broken hind leg. He had it fixed and she was adopted around a year old by a family. Three years later she was brought back. The excuse was that the kids had gone to college, but my guess is that her storm phobia was part of the reason. So Teresa came home with us. She was actually for my sister, but I was definitely hoping that Teresa would lure course and that Denise would let me take her to events. I am not sure why Denise did not come with us that day. She falls in love at first sight, so maybe she was letting my mom and I pick a more suitable dog and then she would fall in love with her when she met her at home. Whatever the reason, Mom and I brought Teresa home and Denise did love her. Teresa clearly knew her name, so we did not change it. Carl had named her Teresa long ago after a vet tech. At this point, Teresa was supposed to be about 4 years old, but we can't say for sure since she was never registered and we never saw actual dates and records.