Thursday, October 23, 2008

Never Had Braces??

People wonder what's up with this name - Never Had Braces. Katie has an overbite and a cross bite. In fact, her right canine tooth on the bottom jaw fits into the roof of her mouth instead of scissoring. The upper canine tooth seems to hang much lower than normal as well. So as you can see, she really needs an orthodontist........... thus the name Never Had Braces. I am not sure when I came up with it or even why I liked it at the time

And while we are looking at Katie's mouth, I thought I'd brag about those decade old teeth and gums. Her teeth aren't as white as Reagan's and Riley's, but I'm quite happy considering her age. Katie has never needed a tooth pulled and they have not been cleaned since she was adopted at age 2. Her gums are pink and healthy. Yeah, for chicken backs and occasional tooth brushing! If you do feed kibble, I can't recommend brushing teeth enough. Do it everyday! It only takes 30 seconds. You only have to brush the outside of the teeth.