Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Introducing Logan

Introducing Logan, my new 8 month old greyhound puppy.  I had been talking to the breeder for a few weeks about her and finally we met at an agility trial in Indiana on May 5th. 
I liked that she immediately worked with me for treats, got on a wobble board, and played with me and a toy in a new environment while I was still a new person. Plus the breeder had already done a lot with her....crate trained, house trained, lots of travel, stayed in hotels, been to shows, positive storm/firework experiences, etc.
I had been looking to get an 8 week old puppy, but nothing had worked out thus far.  I have to admit it has been kind of nice to get something older.  The challenge is always not doing too much when your puppy is still too young.  So to be starting at 8 months..... I have plenty to keep us busy.
Plus she already has solid bladder control.
Hopefully Logan will love agility and have a long, sound, successful agility career.
Here is her pedigree:  http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?i=2354915 
I am changing her name to Oquirrh Never Be Blue......... keeping the breeder's prefix and "blue" litter theme.  The puppies were all blue fawn, blue brindle, and white with blue brindle.