Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Goodbye Precious Riley Greyhound

"Life of Riley" means carefree existence. Precious Riley greyhound fully embraced a carefree life to the fullest. She was a tough, plucky, little greyhound who had a long agility career.........still jumping 24" at 10 years old. Despite being accident prone, she always recovered and never had any chronic issues. She retired from agility sound and had an active retirement full of toys, running, hiking, and swimming. Riley is still the #2 Greyhound in AKC Agility for lifetime achievement. She was a joy to love, live, travel, train, and compete with. Riley was always game for anything and content with the plan for the day. In the end, I am not sure what exactly was wrong, but her muscle wasting had taken its toll, she had lost interest in activities, was picking at her food, and summer was coming. She was tired. We said our goodbyes at home with her belly full of canned food... one of the few things she still enjoyed. Goodnight Precious Riley Greyhound! I love you!