Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tie-Back Surgery - Riley

I changed my mind..... Riley is having tie-back surgery for laryngeal paralysis on Thursday.  I just can't watch her suffocate.
She still wants to be so active, but she cannot run anymore. We are still hiking at 6:30 AM and she often leads the way and trots ahead, but it is starting to get too warm.  Riley even chased deer a short ways a couple of weeks ago.
My plan had been to move our activities indoors (peanut and balance disc work) once the morning temperatures exceed 70 degrees. But I came to the realization recently that Riley was not going to be able to do that either even though she still very much wanted to. She is still in very good shape and has plenty of energy. She just needs more air.
My priority is never prolonged life, but always quality, quality, quality. Today we took one last pre-surgical hike.  It was fitting that it was 70°,  my line in the sand.  I am confident that I have squeezed  out all of the activities and quality of life I possibly can without surgery.
If surgery is unsuccessful, we have left nothing on the table and we have nothing to lose.  But if successful, we have everything to gain and Riley gets her life back.

 Wish us luck!