Friday, April 13, 2018

Cave Bed

So I bought one of those cave beds this winter.  Maddie is my only greyhound that will tuck herself in by pulling blankets over her body or burrowing under them.
So I thought she would be able to figure out the cave bed.  We had to help her for a few days, but then Maddie figured it out and now she sleeps in it all night.
Sometimes Maddie brings friends into the cave bed.
This is Maddie as a pup (below).  Obviously, she was already trying to invent the cave bed.  She was onto something.
Seven likes it too!  Although she has not figured out  how to get into it, but I have seen her try.  She often lays on the she fleece area.... I think she is hoping the bed will miraculously swallow her up.
But once she does get in it, Seven is quite at home.  I will buy her one if she ever is able to get in it without assistance.
Riley has tried it a couple of times, but generally gets too warm, but on this day she stayed in it for a couple of hours.