Friday, February 16, 2018

Agility Nosework - Seven

Seven is doing well despite her chronic left front lameness.  She is still has the highest drive and highest energy of any greyhound I have ever known.... even at 9 years old. We stopped taking nosework lessons and I never did teach her to find a certain odor, but she still loves finding her Plato Salmon Treats.  I hide 9 to 12 pieces on my agility obstacles, fence, bushes, retaining wall, chairs, shed, and patio and send her out on the field to find them all.  She loves it and even looks sort of sound doing it.  I think it is a great way to exercise her in a way that she loves, but that is not too intense.  She hates going for walks and if I were to do a little agility with her or toss a toy, she would put way too much effort, speed, and intensity into it.  Searching for treats allows her to move around, do turns, and change her pace, but it does not reward her for going as fast and hard as she can.  She would miss the treats if she did that.  So this has been a perfect activity for her.  And she drools all over and gets spit on her face.