Thursday, May 18, 2017

Returning to the Agility Ring - Maddie

Our first trial back after the teeter rehab break was in March.  We practiced in a match Saturday night and then ran in the trial the next day. Maddie earned QQ #13. 

In April, we applied the same match/trial strategy with the same result.  QQ #14!

And then in May, we returned to our first 3-day agility trial with high hopes that teeter issues were behind us. But then... dang it!  She had a fly off. Maddie has never done that before!  She is much too cautious to make such a mistake. Seven on the other hand did it all the time!  I was worried that the fly off was going to scare Maddie and she would be avoiding the teeter all over again. The next day, the teeter was the 5th obstacle.  My plan was that if she did the teeter, we would leave immediately for her jackpot reward.  If she bailed, we would continue the course just so we would not end on a bad teeter.  Low and behold she did it!  Maddie teetered!

And then on Sunday, we double qualified (QQ #15).  I do wish I could speed her up at the start and especially in Jumpers.  I think all in all, she is doing better ringside as I am getting her to tug, be silly, and dig, and she is eating all of her treats.  Spraying her down also helps perk her up.  But I am just so relieved she handled the teeter so well.