Monday, July 25, 2016

MOTC Trial - Maddie

Maddie double qualified on the first day..... the only day that did not get videoed, of course.  She is being silly again and running by weave poles a lot.  She never does in training so I go to trials with all of the confidence that she will nail them in competition and then she doesn't.  Hopefully it will subside soon.

Maddie now has 7 double qualifiers and 5 of those count towards Nationals.  I believe we need 2 more QQs and 200 more points to be officially qualified.  We have until November 30th, I believe, so I feel good about our position.

At this trial, we camped in a tent in a barn.  The girls and I are pretty experienced at this and have been doing it for years along with several friends.  In the middle of the night we awoke to rain pouring down on the metal roof.  It was deafening!  So I checked radar and was not thrilled to see what we were in for.
All those severe thunderstorms headed right for us.  Again, thankfully we were under a roof.  I considered whether to pull the van in and load the dogs into the van, but it was already pouring down rain so I decided it was best for us to stay put. The storms were quite loud and Maddie was nervous. She does not have any noise issues (and I want to keep it that way), but she is not fearless like Seven and Riley are. So I sat up with her for a couple of hours just keeping her calm and reassuring her that the storm was no big deal.... even though I was a little worried about it.  We survived and I think all in all Maddie handled it great.