Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Everyone has had another birthday.  They are all in the same week.  Riley and Seven turned 10 and 8 years old on June 28th and Maddie turned 4 years old on July 2nd!
We got an update on our favorite foster from two years ago. We saved and fostered Jai, a Shar-Pit mix. I saw this picture and just could not get her off my mind.
It broke my heart that she followed her owner OFF LEASH to death's door and he just left her there! There are no adoptions at this county shelter... the dogs have to be pulled by a rescue if they are to be saved. I asked Road Trip Home if they could look at her that I would foster and pay for everything if she passed the temperament test. Thankfully she did and Animal Welfare Society in Maine agreed to take her.  We fostered her for about a month and then she transported from Georgia to Maine and was adopted a couple of weeks later.  Her adopter sent me some pictures and an update on her new happy life.  I shared Jai's history with her.  Then recently, out of the blue, Jai's adopter sent me a few more photos and reiterated how much they love her.

Warms my heart!  I just couldn't be more happy for Jai!
And then on a sad note... my sister's greyhound, Peanut, passed away at the age of 13. She was just one of the dearest of all greyhounds and just such a perfect match for Denise.  My sister would take her to a farm almost everyday.  She would stick close to Denise while she did barn chores. She loved running in the pastures and wading in the ponds. When it was hot, Peanut would stand in a wash rack asking to be hosed off. She didn't swim much, but she loved floating in a life jacket or on a raft in a pool. She would lay on concrete barn aisles, wasn't bothered by flies, and happily accepted butt scratches from my sister's horse, Lester. She was an excellent playmate to her mixed breed dog. So many great pictures, videos, and memories. Here is Denise's tribute to Peanut: