Thursday, May 26, 2016

Oh and Then This

Remember a month ago when Seven earned her fourth agility championship? Yeah... well... Riley earned her third one... on the same day... April 22nd.  It is so Riley Greyhound for this to happen. Always over shadowed. Always the bridesmaid.
There was a time when I purposely stopped counting Riley's Double Qualifiers.  At her age, I just did not want to put unneeded pressure on us.  Once I thought we might be getting close to finishing MACH3, I updated my records to reflect all of the QQs and I started counting again. Except, I missed 2 QQs when I recounted.  So it worked perfectly. We finished with no pressure. Ha!

So I am pleased to announce that Riley is only the second greyhound to earn three Master Agility Championships. We will definitely be on the hunt for a nice ribbon and bar at an upcoming trial. Here is her secret 60th QQ:
All in all, I don't think Riley is too concerned about the oversight.