Monday, May 23, 2016

And Just Like That...

It is over. Seven is retired. I have tried to deny, delay, compromise, and negotiate, but through lots of tears I have finally accepted it. Seven is retired.
There will be no MACH5. The Invitational invite will be declined.  We won't qualify for Nationals. There is definitely no more "just one more year". There is not going to be one more final run. Seven is retired.
We have battled Seven's soundness issues since 2012. I am grateful that we gained almost 4 years despite the first vet looking at her carpal joint x-ray and saying that she would probably have to retire soon. She did not at that time, but now....... Seven is retired.
I assumed that eventually the wrist would become too sore and arthritic, but it came down to toes. Seven has two middle toes that now rub together on her already troubled left front (I will explain more in another post).  I just wanted to get it off my chest that Seven is retired.