Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fancy Yard Dog

Maddie LOVES the yard and being outside.  Never before have I had a greyhound that just wanted to sit outside and watch the world go by.  It definitely does not hurt that she sees deer, rabbits, other dogs, and people from her domain.
Maddie also loves to bake in the sun!
Our new house is great because we can supervise the backyard from the kitchen, the couch, the living room, and the master bedroom so we can comfortable leave her outside for as long as she wants, but still keep an eye on her.
Her barking is funny.  I have never had a greyhound that barked as much as Maddie. On walks or from the backyard, she will bark usually only once at people as if to just say hello.  She loves to bark and bounce across the yard at nothing just  to get Seven and Riley excited.
Maddie is still a stalker.  She stalks me and other dogs all of the time.  It is very funny!
She is a very good fetcher.  Loves to catch and retrieve Zanie Flyers.  Loves to tug too.
Maddie often has a toy in her mouth around the house that Riley and Seven like to yank out of her mouth.  I think she likes it because she continues to grab toys and walk right by them.

Maddie also loves to sleep with her stuffed animals.