Monday, December 28, 2015

CDCA Trial - Seven

Seven was her usual perfect self in the ring, but she came up a little lame in her Saturday Jumpers run so I ended up pulling her off the course before we were done. Otherwise she Double Qualified on Friday and Sunday.  She needs 5 more Double Qualifiers to be the first greyhound to earn four Master Agility Championships.
Here are her runs that were videoed. I left the one where I pulled her off:
I have decided that Seven does point out every little ache and pain. The only thing I can liken it to is I will often twist or pop my ankle and it hurts for a minute, but I just keep running and it goes away.  I think the same sort of thing happens with Seven's left wrist, but unlike me she will immediately yelp and limp.... and then a minute later it is as if nothing happened.  You rarely see a problem in the next run.
However, I was starting to see some issues on her right front which was new (usually it is the left). I took her to the ortho vet and he diagnosed a lattisimus dorsi strain near the insertion point.  So she is taking the month of December off and will be rechecked in early January. In some ways it is probably good that she points out all of her issues early so we can address them before they become huge issues.