Monday, December 21, 2015

CDCA Trial - Riley

Right after Thanksgiving, we attended a trial in South Carolina.  It is my favorite venue because the footing is really nice and there is a lot of green space right outside the building for walking and playing with the hounds.
Riley was clean 5 out of 6 runs. Just 4 more Double Qualifiers are needed for her to earn her third Master Agility Championship.

Here are her runs. The last run was 6.13 yards per second so that tells me she is still running at an excellent pace and was not tired on Sunday afternoon.
I keep holding my breath and hoping that Riley will continue to run as well as she is for a while longer. Her rear end is definitely shakier than ever after fatiguing. Agility runs usually do not cause it, but zoomies and playing with her toy definitely do. If I start to see shakiness before exercise, I will retire her.... but we will continue to fight it as long as we can with exercise work on balance discs and the peanut.